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Melancholy Don't Match My...
Posted By: diggy_webcrew
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Melancholy Don't Match My Melanin
Cause Race Related Riots are aligned within my Heritage.
They'd rather I'm compliant then defiant, as we're perishing.
But we'll triumph with alliance as we're eyeing what we're merited.
In the wake of every rally, shooting, murder, harassment, and so forth.. I pose the same question to myself. How much more injustice will take place, until we end up where we deserve to be? Some days I'm enraptured with what seems to be genuine progress. When disasters occur, like the ones as of late, our journey seems far more daunting. I can only feel as though we'll advance in our efforts to equality, by educating each other, supporting each other, and loving each other, as we continue to fight the good fight.
Story for @adayliving / Words by me.
Melancholy Don't Match My Melanin
Cause Race Related...