Derek Jeter Inspired Hamachi 3000

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In honor of Derek Jeters 3000th hit, Chivalrous Culture presents the Hamachi 3000 which sports some of New York's truest colors: navy and white. Whether on the field or on the streets, the Chivalrous Culture crew maintains that one's personal taste should boast a smooth, fresh look at all times. Featuring a sleek suede upper, steel tipped wax laces, and upgraded cushioning in the sole, the Hamachi 3000 effortlessly blends class and precision for an overall slick style.

Now how's that for a homerun boys? The Hamachi 3000 is available now at, Foot Action and Underground Station stores.

To complete the chivalrous look, Chivalrous Culture is also releasing a limited edition raglan baseball tee that hooks back to the shoes. There are only 99 available. It has the custom Hamachi 3000 logo on the front and Derek Jeter's number on the back. Available via




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this is #DOPE

mann i dont care if im a girl and these are only for males! all i know is im finna rock these shoes!:)

omg i was gone get the Hamachi Tuxedo's but these are oowee n u can never find some cute dark blue shoes but YHAZZ DIGGY!!!

"Dnt come any closer you might step on my cultures .!" Ayye.!:) Dose freshh .!:)

Thas Fresh .! :]

Those shoes are hot, i would so rock a pair.

im luvin them shoes!