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Cake Batter
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With my universal personality, I'm open-minded and versatyle to different cultures and lifestyles. Very easy going, I don't complain about thing I can't control or what I'm suppose to do. I'm a loud person because I want to be heard and listened to. Fun loving to be around, it's easy to get along with me. The funny in me, I don't mind making a fool of myself or making people laugh. Flirty like a mini skirt, my eyes are always on the prowl more than my mouth. I'm a skittle kid meaning I am part of the rainbow tribe and damn proud of it. I'm into supernatural things and beings. There's so much about me I can tell you, but then I'd have to write a series of novels. Anyway to sum it all up, I'mma celebration!!
Sleeping when I can. Reading biographies about my idols, Erotic, Gay & Lesbian, and Anime books. Supporting GLBTQ. Internet surfing. Watching my favorite tv shows. Traveling around the US for concerts and other events of my interest.
Favorite Bands: 
IMX<br /> Bone Thugs N Harmony<br /> Backstreet Boys<br /> Imajin<br /> The Temptations<br /> Mindless Behavior<br /> Linkin Park<br /> H.I.M.<br /> TLC<br /> Hamilton Park<br /> The Isley Brothers<br /> Earth, Wind, & Fire<br /> Kool & The Gang
United States
Shoebutton, Debbie, Tubbie, Miss Potts, Banana, Seizo, Caramel Sundae, Bee, Spaghetti, Sunshine
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Any with Diggy and Mindless Behavior!
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