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Feedback and Suggestions

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Diggy Fanfiction SECTON!!! 2
Diggy. Come To T-Dot 0 n/a
Diggy should hav a concert in Teaneck New Jersey 0 n/a
Diggy should tottally come to Miami,Florida for a tour date!!! That would be sooooooooo awesome and I would so go! That concert would be sold out! Lol hopefully that day comes! Jetsetters Up! 6
Just an Idea 1
Dont you hate it when gurls who swear they hard be the first to back down forma fight!!! :l 4
Diggy should have a show 4
swag blog 3
Check Out TheJetSetterExperience Tumblr! 1
Chat 3
I And Diggy♥ 1
Da ATX iz where itz at!!!!! 2
"swag" and "popularity" 1
Diggy 1
Da world 2day 1
hi 1
lslinguistics: Ligit Linguistics 1
Who thinks diggy should bring his gorgeous behind to greensboro nc.? 4
Send Gift 1
tbh rate me 0 n/a
diggy dream girl! 4
My Story OF DIGGY 2
Suggestion 0 n/a
who think diggy should come to ct 1
i tunes 0 n/a